Über bucketlist

Über bucketlist

The things you want to do before you kick the bucket!

The community for people with a desire. That's why bucketlist.nl was founded! bucketlist.nl is a nonprofit initiative and is a non-profit organization that connects members by having the same passions. Next to this we actually try to fulfill these wishes.

Would you like to travel around the world in 80 days? Climb Mount Everest? Or perhaps view the Earth from space? We are convinced that everyone has that ultimate wish. Unfortunately for most people, this usually remains a dream and once it's too late, you hear: "It would have been really nice to...?

Bucketlist would very much like to help you make your wish come true! Would you like to know how we do that?

Are you curious how we do that? We provide this community absolutely free. The first step is to register. Then we'll try you and other interested people to help you fulfilling your dreams! You are now one step closer to fulfilling your ultimate wish (es). Bucket List does not follow a beaten track. So challenge us with your wishes.

Bucket List discovers, inspires, motivates and activates.

Thank you! See you later.

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